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Blockchain and IoTs Based Solution for Oilfield Transaction Automation

Ondiflo leverages sensor data to fully automate the Procure-to-Pay process for fluid hauling and deliver legally enforceable automation via Blockchain.

”Ondiflo drastically transforms how an oilfield transaction is managed from a clunky, paper based, costing both the producer and the suppliers millions of dollars to process, to something as simple as swiping a credit card to fill up one’s tank at the gas station”


  Balaji Ramakrishnan - Head of Procurement 

Ondiflo is the only player in the Oil and Gas industry to offer a working solution that automates P2P/O2C-associated water hauling processes by leveraging Blockchain and IoT.


11,000 live transactions processed.


Check out our success story with BP

Ondiflo: Value Proposition

Accurate Tracking From Load to Discharge 

Real time sharing of transaction record | Automate reconciliation, reduce dispute | Improve buyer-supplier relationship

Network Effect 

Transaction Optimization

Increase Operational + Back-Office Efficiency

Reduce cost of services | Easy reporting and auditing | Better cash flow forecast and capital allocation

Improve Assets Utilization + People Tracking 

Better health & safety and regulation compliance | Reduce CO2 footprint, reduce risk of spills 

Integrated Trade Finance

Improve cash flow and profitability for suppliers | Allow SMEs to stay in the game 

“Ondiflo will bring to the industry a platform, where all operators and service companies can benefit from digitization, automation and the seamless exchange of data and immutability of their records. Ondiflo will deliver maximum efficiency to processes, which today are still largely manual and paper-based like field ticketing or bill of lading. It is anticipated that billions of dollars of cost savings will be achieved by the industry through the Ondiflo platform.”

Joe Lubin, Ethereum Co-Founder, ConsenSys Founder, Ondiflo Board Member 

Ondiflo: A Reality + A Paradigm Shift, Not Another e-Field Ticketing Solution

End-to-end integration from the field to the back-office 

All participants get access to the same data at the same time 

99% of the field tickets are automatically approved

Payment approval is based on proof of service delivered

Service and payment can be completed in few days maybe even the same day

Proven Value to Oil and Gas Operators and Their Suppliers

BPx Energy's utilization of the Ondilfo platform has generated value

for Oil and Gas operators and their suppliers.       

Trust in Suppliers - Faster Service - Increased compliance - Full automation

To Operators

Scheduling / Fleet Optimization - Reduction in Revenue Leakage - DSO Reduction (Time to Invoice) - Improved Working Capital - Better HSE - Driver Adoption - Driver Retention

To Suppliers

Ondiflo: The Technology 

Ondiflo has built a layer of privacy around Ethereum to build a private Blockchain for operators and suppliers in the Oil and Gas industry, so the entire ecosystem can benefit  from the functionalities Blockchain technology offers (transparency, security) to transact seamlessly with one another. 


  • A single immutable ledger replicated on each instance

  • A private permissioned Blockchain leveraging Ethereum with Proof of Authority (PoA)

  • A flexible enterprise governance mechanism for validation of blocks

  • A suite of security services enabling obfuscation of transactions

Ondiflo: The Partners


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