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The Ondiflo Blockchain platform has processed over 10,144 water hauls as of the morning of July 10th.


10,000 truck trips and counting…

It's official! The Ondiflo blockchain platform has processed over 10,144 water hauls as of the morning of July 10th. With a data set this big we can now embark on our 'completeness' effort to ensure we can handle all the variances we encountered in the last 3 months in the field. At the same time as we seek functional expansion, we are also kicking off an R&D effort to seek the next generation architecture for the platform.

The PoV (proof of value) methodology is enforcing painful and needed accountability for cost benefit analysis on the process. While seeking a substantial leap in efficiency savings, there are no sacred cows and every assumption is being challenged for support within the data and transactions encountered. A detailed analysis of the costs of operational steps and the savings vs the risks of eliminating steps is supporting the business case for mass roll out and adoption. The cost of data egress for peering is being validated against the minimal data set needed for legal enforceability as an example. The data science behind establishing device failure or device silence and the switch over to procedural forecasting or finally to alerts for manual intervention is being fine-tuned. Lower cost metering options such as IR video to back up GWR radar measurements and correlations between the cumulative separator data and the flow meter data are being considered for the next phase where tanks pumped to pipelines are included. We are also looking to improve the forecasting and alerts/alarms data science and learn from the data set to back test against the realities therein as we move to other basins and use cases in chemicals, crude and diesel hauling.

We will be sharing our evolving learnings as we further analyze the data set. Please join us at the BiTA webinar and the PIDX annual meeting if you can for details. Adoption across the vast field services vendor landscape will be accelerated by leveraging standards and engaging with multiple SI who can enable companies to leverage their existing IT investment while connecting to the shared ecosystem. A big shout out to the Ondiflo technology team in Houston and Pune and our development support from Saviance. To the 65 drivers and 11 dispatchers using the Ondiflo App/dashboard in the field and all other users of the Ondiflo platform in companies using the APIs for access in the field or office – thanks for working through the PoV process with us. We are grateful for the support from Vakt, OOC and other companies and consortia who have brainstormed with us and impacted our efforts. This has been 3 man years of concentrated effort in these last 3 months on our side and about the same from the other companies in this effort. We can see a path to implementation of production use of IoTs, blockchain and data science for field automation now.


Wish us luck!

Rana Basu, COO

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