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  • Nick Roquefort-Villeneuve

Legally Enforceable Field Automation: Lessons Learned From the Water Hauling Supply Chain

Ticketing-based services generate millions of documents from service order to final payment (order-to-cash). However, the majority of these services are still processed manually at a high cost.

To discuss how companies can work to achieve greater efficiency and value through an automated process, the Blockchain in Transport Alliance (BiTA) partnered with Ondiflo to present a one-hour webinar. In this presentation,

Rana Basu, Ondiflo's co-founder and Chief Operating Officer shares how the company is working to automate water-hauling ticket approval by integrating buyer, dispatcher, driver, truck and tank-level data in smart contracts.

During this discussion, Basu shares: • Proof of value to operators and service companies through the implementation of an automated solution • Operational challenges related to on-boarding a blockchain-based solution • The need for standards to achieve quick on-boarding of the solution • Requirements that must be met for a legally enforceable automated solution

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