Ondiflo: The Solution for All Oil and Gas Ticketing-Based Services

>>> The Process Today

Approximately 12.5Mil barrels of oil produced daily

Millions of logistical transactions every year

Due to regulations, all logistics within the industry requires full traceability

Current process is highly manual and utilizes a lot of resources, and is prone to human error

Manual process also slows the procure-to-pay (P2P) cycle for producers and suppliers

Slow P2P cycles can cost oil producers and their suppliers a lot of money

>>> Consequences

On The Procure-to-Pay Process 

  • 45 to 60 days from order to approved invoice

  • Poor record keeping

  • Costly reconciliation and processing 

  • Errors and disputes with service providers 

  • Long DSOs, high working capital financing cost 

  • Poor transparency, inadequate auditability, HS&E risk

On The Industry
Process costs the industry billions of Dollars, preventing further investments.

Ondiflo streamlines an utterly inefficient process, by leveraging Blockchain technology and IoT sensors

Ondiflo's DNA


  • Efficiency in Operations 

  • Optimized Procure-to-Pay


  • Trust Between Operators and Suppliers

  • Compliance


  • Accelerated Adoption by All Stakeholders

  • Standards and Open Platform

Disruption + Transformation

  • A Paradigm Shift in Ticketing-Based Services

  • Part of the Enterprise Digital Oilfield Transformation

Ondiflo: Data Flow

Field Data (sourced from IIoTs or SCADA when possible) are captured in Blockchain 

Orders and Tickets are created via Smart Contracts and pushed to Trading Partner workflows

Invoices are captured in Blockchain and triggered payments and associated trade financing

Documentation can also be generated via Smart Contracts and pushed to Regulators

>>> Components Involved

IoT Sensors

Measure, Alert, Trigger


Smart Contracts

Order, Dispatch, Deliver, Invoice, Comply

Trade Finance

Pay, Notify, Finance

>>> Systems Involved

Sending System

IoT, Mobile, GPS, ERP, Database

Off Chain

Database, Workflow, Business Logic, Transformers, API


Smart Contracts, Master Data, ID Management, Transactions

Receiving System

Dispatching, ERP, ETRM, Repository

Ondiflo: The Benefits

Cost reduction by improved efficiency

Improved driver and truck utilization

Improved Safety, Dispatch and Scheduling

Reduced Disputes and Reconciliation Effort

Reduced procure-to-pay time cycles

Improved compliance to EPA, DOT and other regulations

Full Auditability

New Business Models and Value-Chain Partnerships


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