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Ondiflo: A Disruptive and Innovative IT Architecture


To build a permissioned and private Blockchain network that provides the utmost levels of security, so trading partners are able to benefit from the advantages Blockchain technology offers while maintaining the data that pertains to their respective operations secure, so much more needs to be constructed. 

To that effect, the Ondiflo IT team has developed series of innovative tools that ensure privacy, security and overall the optimal running of the platform. Those tools include a message bus that powers workflows, proprietary security services as well as an app and a UI for users.

Platform 6: The Workflows Powered Message Bus 

Platform 6 is Blockchain-agnostic and provides all the off-chain features and services required to develop, package and run enterprise-class decentralized applications. In terms of development, Platform 6 provides developers with the ability to access a library of tools, including workflows.


Ondiflo leverages the solution to create and run workflows and write data to the Blockchain.


Platform 6 includes a set of services and features that accelerate building an enterprise-grade application.
Custom services can also be built by the developer in Java, Node.js, .Net or Go, and added to Platform 6.

Platform 6 workflow engine is very powerful and configurable, supporting processes that require user actions (reviewing or completing outgoing transactions, approving incoming ones…).

Ondiflo Security Services

The security services the Ondiflo IT development team has built revolve around a solution called the Ondiflo Oracle 

Screen Shot 2019-09-11 at 8.42.15 AM (2)

The Ondiflo Oracle is a provider of data that feeds smart contracts with what they requires to perform their task optimally, so all stakeholders can run their operations optimally. In other words, the Ondiflo Oracle provides smart contracts with what they needs to see and consequently controls indirectly what the same smart control do in response to the data the Ondiflo Oracle pushes to the Blockchain. We built our own Oracle to ensure its efficiency, so no smart contract can be compromised. 

Ondiflo's off-chain software Oracle provides anonymity, when two partakers within our private Blockchain ecosystem transact with each other, so the other participants cannot identify a transaction in which they have no part.

Ondiflo Mobile App + User Interface

Truck drivers have access to a mobile app that allows them to select hauls, accept or reject work, and input valuable data, among other key-features. Dispatchers utilize a browser-based user interface to optimize operations.


Ondiflo's Open API

The Ondiflo platform talks to all systems required to seamlessly automate field-ticketing services processes. 

Screen Shot 2019-09-11 at 9.41.18 AM (2)

Ondiflo: Data Flow

Screen Shot 2019-09-10 at 9.11.29 AM (2)

Field Data (sourced from IIoTs or SCADA when possible) are captured in Blockchain 

Orders and Tickets are created via Smart Contracts and pushed to Trading Partner workflows

Invoices are captured in Blockchain and triggered payments and associated trade financing

Documentation can also be generated via Smart Contracts and pushed to Regulators

>>> Systems Involved


Sending System

IoT, Mobile, GPS, ERP, Database

Off Chain

Database, Workflow, Business Logic, Transformers, API


Smart Contracts, Master Data, ID Management, Transactions

Receiving System

Dispatching, ERP, ETRM, Repository


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