Ondiflo for Water Hauling

Ondiflo's Blockchain solution for water hauling leverages industrial internet of things (IIoT) sensors, IIoT clouds and private Blockchain networks to streamline the entire water hauling process.  

>>> Water Hauling Market in the United States

The order-to-cash process that pertains to water hauling is straightforward yet archaically managed, because mostly paper-based. Moreover, disputes between operators and trucking companies systematically arise around the volumes of water involved, which create distrust on the operator's side and late payments on the supplier's side. 

1 million onshore wells.

20+ million barrels of produced water.

100+ million truck rotations per year between oilfields and water treatment centers.

100+ million field tickets produced.

>>> Stakeholders

Ondiflo for Water Hauling: From Paper to 100%-Automation

Water hauling requires six 100% manual and paper driven transaction processes

Ondiflo automates all six transactions by integrating IoT data from the field and leveraging a series of Blockchain smart contracts


Ondiflo's Proof of Value for Water Hauling

1 Operator

3 Water Haulers

1 Technology Provider

>>> Ecosystem

5 nodes operated on private Ethereum Blockchain managed by Ondiflo

50 Facilities in the South of Haynesville (SOHA)

11,000+ hauls processed

2,500+ field tickets matched/approved for invoices w/in 12 hours of service delivery

Deployment Time: 6 weeks

Invoice Automation: 85%

>>> Results + Impacts

Visibility on tank levels with 48 hour forecast 

Optimization in scheduling + dispatching - full load - optimized route

Haul detection and accurate computed volume (with 5 minute data ) 

85% of automatically approved field tickets (after discarding bad data) – automation 

Operational geofencing

Accurate truck detection at well site (location and timing) 

Easy adoption of web app by dispatchers and mobile app by drivers 

Limited training effort – accelerated roll out

Capture of all key data and supporting documents in Blockchain

Legal enforceability achieved

Invoice creation for automatically approved field tickets

Reduce time to invoice - eliminate reconciliation 

>>> Testimonials from Dispatchers:

“I loved the near real-time visibility on tank levels and the forecast of future service requests needed, as predicted by the solution.”

“The Ondiflo app definitely improved my scheduling operations!”

Ondiflo for Water Hauling: Under the Hood

Ondiflo for Water Hauling: Benefits

Ondiflo's Blockchain solution for water hauling leverages industrial internet of things (IIoT) sensors, IIoT clouds and private Blockchain networks to streamline this entire process.  

Capital Allocation

Faster payments, lower DSO, ability to allocate capital that is not trapped in accounts receivable


Water volumes pumped out of tanks in oilfields and disposed of at water treatment centers stored in the Blockchain 

Service Cost

Automation and access to workflows speed up operations, slashing costs in the process.


DOT Compliance, preventative maintenance, training 


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